Blue Buffalo Wilderness Snake River Grill 4 lb

Blue Buffalo

"The Snake River winds its way through some of the most rugged and beautiful country in the American West. Wolves have made this rough terrain their hunting ground for centuries, and their spirit is the inspiration for Wilderness Snake River Grill. Unique Proteins from the Wilderness to Your Home With an irascible blend of Trout, Venison and Rabbit, Wilderness Snake River Grill is packed with enough protein to satisfy the spirit of the wild that lives in your dog today. A Protein-Rich, Grain-Free Diet BLUE Wilderness Snake River Grill provides your dog with the optimal blend of protein, fat and healthy complex carbohydrates he needs to thrive, without the grains that contain gluten. Formulated by animal nutritionists, it’s the ideal food for pet parents who want to satisfy their dog’s wild side and bring some variety to his bowl. "

Type: Dog Food

Vendor: Blue Buffalo