World's Best Litter Clumping Forest Scent 12 lb.

World's Best

Made from all-natural ingredients, such as renewable whole-kernel corn and wood fibers for a gentle forest scent. World's Best Cat Litter Forest Scented Clumping Formula is the formula that works-naturally and without the use of added chemicals. This quick-clumping litter provides you with exceptional odor control by instantly trapping and absorbing urine and ammonia as well as with easy maintenance by helping to stop liquids from stinking toward or sticking to the bottom of the cat litter box. This remarkable kitty litter formula also provides you with outstanding odor control as its main ingredient boasts a structure that is naturally absorbent and helps to keep foul pet waste odors inside of the litter box. Meanwhile, this cat litter is safe for use with both cats and their pet parents.

Type: Cat Litter

Vendor: World's Best

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